Comcast worst company in America also confirmed by University of Michigan survey!

comcastFailThe news just keeps getting worst for Comcast as The American Customer Satisfaction Index, put out quarterly by the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, is “considered the most comprehensive customer satisfaction survey in the United States.” This quarter the closely watched and widely cited survey has determined that Time Warner and Comcast are the most terrible of all…goo think these two companies are merging!

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If you’re using Comcast for your business it’s time to discover you have much better options. As a Spectra customer recently told us

We’ve been a Spectra customer for over 10 years now and I have trouble counting even on one (1) hand the number of times you’re connection has been down!

A new Spectra customer recently told us:

I’ve been a Spectra customer for about 6 months and your connection hasn’t dropped once…as a former Comcast customer sometimes we wonder if the connection was up as much as it was down…we were shocked if we made it through the work week without a connection problem!

Sure Spectra Access may not be quite a cheap as Comcast, but when was the last time you found the word “Cheap” and “Quality” going hand in hand?