Falcon Webcam

Peregrine Falcons in Manchester, NH

Working in conjunction with the New Hampshire Audubon and Brady Sullivan Properties, 1Cloud is pleased to provide live streaming video of the Peregrine Falcons nesting at 1750 Elm Street in Manchester, NH





Open Camera (ONLINE)
Please Note-Video will only stream for 2 minutes. You will need to refresh screen to start again.





Any viewer with additional questions regarding the falcons please contact the New Hampshire Audubon at nha@nhaudubon.org



Prior Year Pictures


If you enjoy using the camera, please support the NH Audubon


Please Note: Depending on server load, if your video does not appear after 10 seconds, you may need to close the video window and reopen it. If the video still does not appear, please wait 5 minutes before retrying. A broadband connection is required. Additionally you may need to load Adobe Flash and/or Java. Also the software we are using is beta and if problems arise you may need to restart your browser.Camera windows will close after 2 minutes to preserve bandwidth. You may reopen the windows as many times as you like.

Notes about the Technology: The cameras are currently connected to a Linux based machine (at 1750 Elm) that we've used in the past for the Falcon cam, but last year we've saw 3 times the amount of traffic to these cameras than we have in prior years. During peak times we are averaging about 30 Mbps of bandwidth utilization that was streaming the live feeds to about 50-60 active connections with 1000-2000 connections daily. These connections are all running through our wireless network that 1Cloud has implemented throughout the greater Concord, Manchester, and Nashua areas.

Technical questions/comments only please contact us at falcon@spectraaccess.com.